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Facts & Figures JUNE 2015
Facts & Figures JULY 2015
Facts & Figures AUGUST 2015
Facts & Figures SEPTEMBER 2015
Facts & Figures DECEMBER 2015

Facts & Figures MAY 2015
1- Impure Bottled Water
2- Lessons from history: The evolution, or degradation, of Karachi’s transport system
3- Barring Karachi, all districts at rock bottom in nationwide rankings
4- Will Karachi finally have a mass transit system?
5- Develop slums before developing Karachi
6- Nuclear reactors: Karachi’s newest danger?
7- Karachi Chronicle: Water games

Facts & Figures APRIL 2015
1- Solid matter: A better way to manage your waste
2- What the Hitchhiking; Women of Moach Goth Can Teach the Sindh Government
3- In 2014-15, utilization of development funds remains abysmally low
4- Pakistan fights groping with first women-only autorickshaw
5- Karachi’s Transport woas
6- Water pollution in Pakistan
7- Justice for Perween

Facts & Figures MARCH 2015
1- Access denied: The incredible shrinking Karachi that is scared of itself
2- Perween Rahman remembered
3- Failure of urban planning
4- Karachi Indigenous Rights Alliance launched
5- The cost of courage
6- On the shores of the Arabian Sea, pollution erodes a way of life

Facts & Figures FEBRUARY 2015
1- Can Sydney’s transportation system make it way to Karachi?
2- Experts for energy generation through alternative sources
3- An Urban Country
4- Land is responsible for great injustices in Karachi: Arif Hasan
5- Karachi’s roads serve up recipe for traffic disasters
6- Karachi could submerge by 2060 due to global warming
7- What traffic regulations? Karachi roads safer for pedestrians
8- Karachi’s roads serve up recipe for traffic disasters

Facts & Figures JANUARY 2015
1- Why should Karachi follow the model of Dubai
2- Housing finance a low priority
3- Focus on green energy
4- Ghousia Colony’s residents vow to never leave their homes
5- Karachi seeks peace
6- Few lessons learned two years on from Karachi factory fire
7- How to house the urban poor


Facts & Figures NOVEMBER 2014

Facts & Figures DECEMBER 2014
1- Situation being created where migrants outnumber locals, says Pakistani academic Hasan
2- Why Karachi will keep flooding
3- A solution to Karachi traffic
4- Call to scrap new Npower projects on Karachi coast
5- Historic fuel price reduction only yields one rupee concession in Karachi’s bus fares
6- Coal burns up Karachi’s energy efficiency
7- A tourist’s guide to Karachi
8- Burned out: Will someone rescue the fire department, please?

Facts & Figures NOVEMBER 2014
1- Worth of a life
2- Karachi: a goldmine for land ‘developers’
3- Roti, Kapra aur dukaan: Govt schemes to give builders katchi abadi land
4- Detrimental to health? Activists want to secure the future of Karachi’s children

Facts & Figures APRIL 2014
1- Police manipulated probe into murder of philanthropist
2- The ‘others’ among us
3- Every 7th school in Sindh is non-functional
4- Cellphones, Billboards, No Helmets: A Recipe For Death In Karachi Streets
5- The truth about katchi abadis
6- SHC issues notice to KMC on pleas of Taiser Town school employees
7- Water supply problems in a mega city like Karachi
8- De-urbanization: The Karachi crisis

Facts & Figures MARCH 2014
1- Circular Railway Imperatives
2- Colleagues vow to carry on Perween’s mission
3- Gadani – A paradise lost to pollution
4- Perween’s devotion to social service recalled
5- Karachi has the potential to explore all renewable energy sources
6- Health for all
7- Water-borne diseases major health threat

Facts & Figures FEBRUARY 2014
1- Metropolitan affairs: Nearly one-third of Karachi is owned by 2% of its population
2- Despite a high rate of environmental wrongs, Sindh lacks a green court
3- Only one in four of our children can read this
4- Save a city: Karachi’s oldest inhabitants in danger of losing their identity
5- Karachi’s changing demography & its planning-related repercussions
6- Saving circles of Orangi
7- Not safe even among people
8- Cost of impunity: Illegal token system emerges as the biggest road hazard
9- Karachi lands in trouble

Facts & Figures JANUARY 2014
1- Ruins without relief
2- Lack of planning contributing to urban poverty
3- Polluted underground water; Water insecurity threatens survival of Malir dwellers
4- HRCP blames Rangers for Christians’ exodus from Lyari
5- Office of LDA director works torched
6- Celebrating ‘shattered’ Karachi
7- Urban Forum concludes with hint to preserve Karachi’s character
8- Atmospheric pollution: Collect data before you start anti-pollution project


Facts & Figures OCTOBER 2013

Facts & Figures NOVEMBER 2013
1- Chopped down: Karachi loses its trees to growing ignorance
2- Korangi made sixth district of Karachi
3- Karachi’s journey: From a town to a megacity
4- Urban sprawl: Karachi needs one planning agency with teeth and control of its purse strings
5- Mumbai runs 2,342 suburban trains daily, Karachi none
6- Transport system in a mess

Facts & Figures OCTOBER 2013
1- Housing Karachi’s Poor: Look up. Because that is where Karachi is headed
2- Third most populated city or most polluted?
3- Green alert: Hoardings crop up, trees go down
4- From Keenjhar with poison
5- Plan Karachi lest we become Dubai
6- Traffic management: Extortion prevents Saddar from turning into pedestrian zone
7- Education for all: Enrolment in schools stays low despite higher budget

Facts & Figures AUGUST 2013
1- The Urban Present
2- Incompetent management: Flooding in urban areas
3- Big builders, bad govt to blame as Karachi disappears under water
4- A commuter’s plea: Revive the Karachi Circular Railway
5- First-hand account: Death of traditions in Lyari
6- Playing dodge’ em through traffic: Bad traffic did not define Karachi in the past
7- Urban heat island effect: Is Karachi heating up while the countryside keeps its cool?
8- A grave encroachment: Historical graveyard may turn into shopping mall, warns petitioner

Facts & Figures JULY 2013
1- 1,726 killed in Karachi in first six months this year, says HRCP
2- Death rules life in Karachi
3- 50 per cent of people will be living in cities by 2030
4- Unfulfilled promises: With 6,000 ghost schools, education is a scary prospect
5- Bottled Water: The illusion of pure
6- Transport troubles
7- From the slums to Harvard

Facts & Figures MAY 2013
1- Another OPP worker killed
2- Another progressive voice silenced in Orangi
3- Philanthropist shot dead in front of family
4- Abdul Waheed laid to rest; Another dedicated activist lost
5- A second human rights defender is assassinated within two months from the same organization and area
6- Courage under fire: Social worker killed
7- Lost Humanity
8- Ashoka Fellow Abdul Waheed killed in Karachi; Leaves a Legacy of a "Bright Education"
9- Abdul Waheed Khan: When a social worker dies, a little piece of Pakistan dies too
10- Lost glimmer: A fallen guardian of humanity
11- Why Waheed had to die!
12- The politics of urbanisation

Facts & Figures MARCH 2013
1- Parveen Rehman on Land, Politics and Violence in Karachi
2- RIP Perveen Rehman
3- The city, the slum and the savior
4- Kirtee Shah's note on Perveen
5- What a disaster!
6- A woman of substance
7- Civil society visits OPP office in Qasba Colony
8- Parveen Rehman and the growing might of Land Mafia
9- Pakistan mourns murdered aid worker Parveen Rehman
10- Murder of social worker 'who quietly served people' slammed
11- OPP director changed lives
12- Parveen Rehman: a fighter for the poor silenced
13- RIP Parveen Rehman
14- NGO chief murder suspect killed in ‘encounter’
15- Civil society seeks arrest of Rahman’s killers
16- Rest in peace, little sister
17- Keeping altruism alive: ‘We will continue Parveen Rehman’s mission’
18- Parveen Rehman's killers must be brought to justice
19- Police claim killing Parveen Rehman’s suspected murderer
20- Perween Rahman, a dear friend, colleague and valued mentor remembered
21- Parween Rahman was Karachi's mother
22- Hero of the Week award: March 15, Perveen Rahman
23- Pakistan condemns assassination of Parveen Rehman
24- Parveen Rehman-A True Martyr
25- Perween Rahman: Pyar
26- Tribute Revolutionary resolve Perween
27- We are all Ninja Turtles of mapping
28- Who will dare to be Parveen Rehman
Facts & Figures JANUARY 2013
1- No funding for you: ADB admonishes Pakistan for not treating its own people fairly
2- Govt policies are biased against poor people, says town planner Arif Hasan
3- Stop the Bus! Violence Against Women on Public Transport is a Global Issue
4- Lyari Expressway SHC stays demolition of houses in Liaquatabad
5- Education in Sindh in a mess despite more funds
6- No land or money for poor S-III
7- Pakistan Women Decry Lack of Safe Public Transport


Facts & Figures NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2012
1- Anti-poor bias in policy
2- The Karachi cauldron
3- Coming to a standstill
4- What education?
5- Without a mass transit system, it’s a bleak picture for city’s commuters

Facts & Figures OCTOBER 2012
1- The impending migration
2- Mental health most neglected field in Pakistan
3- Urban poverty turns uglier
4- The ABC of primary education
5- Pedestrian bridges to nowhere dot Karachi, a city where cars are king

Facts & Figures SEPTEMBER 2012
1- Who is responsible?
2- Report highlights factors hindering proper city planning
3- IFC shows interest in Bus Rapid Transit System in Karachi
4- KWSB issues list of illegal hydrants
5- Pakistan ranked 2nd with largest number of children out of school
6- Health for all
7- Education pitfalls

Facts & Figures AUGUST 2012
1- Onto the next one: Overcrowded, rickety buses for millions in Karachi
2- Landhi to Saddar in 30 minutes, thanks to rapid transit
3- Call a Rik’ at your doorstep
4- After losing 200 acres, city may get a 100-acre bus terminal
5- Karachi back to being a reservoir for polio, as WHO discovers virus in sewage in Gadap
6- The challenge of policing Karachi
7- Many displaced persons still living in tents

Facts & Figures JULY 2012
1- In Karachi, being apolitical is the bloodiest
2- With small fines, tree fellers get free rein in Karachi
3- Rs5bn irregularities found in road project
4- Messy development;‘Money game’ takes playground away from Gulshan’s children
5- Nearly 500 died in road accidents over six months
6- Circular Railway
7- ‘Japanese govt will cover 93% cost of KCR
8- Addressing urban, rural income gap

Facts & Figures MAY-JUNE 2012
1- No interest in budget
2- Powered by nature: Experts discuss feasibility of solar energy for shops
3- Volence in Karachi ;City at war
4- City needs cycling to fight air pollution
5- 13,000 villagers gear up for fight with DHA, Sindh Govt
6- For the people…
7- Medical and hazardous waste

Facts & Figures APRIL 2012
1- A tale of two expressways
2- CNG cylinders killed more than drones
3- 80pc of CNG rickshaw drivers not qualified to give you a ride
4- Housing Project: DHA project may swallow Gadap Goths
5- Contaminated water kills over 10,000 in city every year: report
6- Less people died on Karachi’s roads last year, annual report shows
7- Capturing our urban economic potential
8- Shershah bridge collapse: Crushing disappointment as nine men acquitted

Facts & Figures MARCH 2012
1- Is pollution highest in Pakistan?
2- Revitalized rail system may rob people of homes
3- `50pc of Pakistanis lack access to clean drinking water`
4- The smart money on drinking water
5- Karachi at risk from sea-level rise, ADB warns
6- Rs100m to be spent on beautifying Saddar
7- Operation at a Standstill
8- Young women are safer in theri parents' homes, Karachi study finds

Facts & Figures FEBRUARY 2012
1- Teachers who cannot teach
2- Worst statistics for education
3- 62pc of third graders can’t read an Urdu sentence
4- Pakistan has second lowest school enrolment: study
5- Rs 1.2 billion ‘filtered’ down the drain?
6- 800 years on, a battle for survival resurfaces for Karachi’s old villages
7- Politically-motivated PSDP projects curtailed

Facts & Figures JANUARY 2012
1- Road accidents claimed 1,100 lives last year in Karachi
2- Substandard medicine
3- Issue of land for inter-city bus terminal resolved
4- Gastro on the rise as KWSB has no money to purify water
5- Beyond the Manghopir mela
6- Uprooted and abandoned; Taiser Town govt. schools stay closed for 6,500 children